It started in march 2001...



Dirk (bass) and Fiete (guitar), even friends as youngsters started making music as the only thing they ever knew. What A Fuck - So Fucking What!


After Phil (drums) and Mosh (vocals) joined the band they entered the stage and released their 1st album „The Dawn Of Hellish Rock“ at Master Rock Records in 2002.


All it was about was raw energy…something between Motörhead and Turbonegro.



Shortly after followed a number of singles, compilations, split7“ and finally their 2nd album  „We Kill You Die“!



So Fucking What played their asses of. They constantly toured Germany and Europe and  gained lots of success as the raw and rough live act they were. They were loved or hated – in between there was nothing.



Fiete quit the band in 2005 – just 3 weeks before their upcoming 1st US tour. From than on Matze took control of the guitar and the left over plane ticket. No compromise - no backing down!


Things turned bad and the breakup continued. Mosh became a loving father and replaced his mic with his little family. In the end Phil quit So Fucking What a year later - right before their 2nd US tour.



Some whisky later Matze took his wooden guitar and started playing SFW songs on these rusty old strings. Dirk kept on singing to the new SFW sound…both were laughing!


It sounded great – a mixure of a soundtrack of an old Sergio Leone movie combined with the typical raw and asskickin´ SFW style. Imagine cowboys from the good old time hanging around in a saloon playing music from the 20th century. Charles Bronson, Henry Fonda and Clint Eastwood would love it!!!


Chris a big-band-jazz-freak played the drums first, but was then displaced from the current drummer Ralf Wiesenack.



Have you ever been to a action rock concert and at once 2 dudes sit down on their bar stools starting to cover their own noise in country style – just as if they never did another thing??? At the first shows there were more hearts breakin´ than glasses and in the end everybody was dancin´…



And so it started a 2nd time in 2006…



Go out and get the latest album „Dodge City Cowboys“ (2007) and become a witness.


Lots of guest musicians and bands from different kind of music genres were involved in the production of this album as well as musicians from the philharmonic orchestra, the “Babelsberg Filmorchestra”, musicians from jazz and bigbands, rocker, popper and soul ladies. The album was recorded in 5 studios in Berlin and produced and arranged by Tobias Dickmann.

The Old "SO FUCKING WHAT" Dirty Rock N Roll

"I Bomb You Straight To Hell" - 2006

Live - Wild At Heart, Berlin

"We Kill You Die" - 2006

Live - Deadland, Protzen Open Air

"War" - 2006

Live - Deadland, Protzen Open Air